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House Cleaning Services

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  Our health and clean environment we live liğidoğru related concepts. Cleaning operations are deliberately not done instead of being helpful by showing the full impact and damage to human health, teres. cleaning the main topics to be considered at the service of hygiene and quality materials in addition to the basic principles of using knowledgeable people by the conveyance is very important. Quality services always with Didim market for cleaning services in Didim at your service.   

1-daily cleaning service: first of all, our team will be held   

Cleaning cleaning clean the House before making a rough in and collects the garbage near the House and trash bags.   

The Dusting Process:   
the top of the building to be done through the process, starting from the bottom is made of all building cleaning of furniture (chairs, tables and cabinets) with powders to clean up individually. Your things are prepared with the appropriate dust powder material is made with water diluted cleaning. Television, computer, photocopying, electronic tools is more attention are cleaned with damp cloth wiping with care.   

Floor cleaning process:   
dusting depending on the type of floor space after cleaning operations.  

-Carpet-type coverings to floors vacuum vacuum cleaner is deleted using.  
-Hard floors are cleaned by deleting the appropriate cleaning materials.  
-Toilet, bathroom featured a high risk of infection, such as sanitary areas cleaned with disinfection substances. Used cloth, brush, etc. in these areas certainly are not used in other areas of the material.   

2-Weekly Cleaning services:   
home and workplaces for a broader and comprehensive cleaning weekend cleaning you can use our service.    Weekly cleaning system is usually Saturday or Sunday from early morning until the cleaning during the day, starting with the entire venue can be cleaned in detail. daily cleaning service in the cleaning is made larger. In addition, like the back of the closet cleaned every day and hard-to-reach regions also made a thorough cleaning with the condition to get clean.  
-All doors will be deleted.
-Home or office walls and ceilings of the cobwebs cleared. Aprey phone with buttons  
-Lighting are deleted.  
-Lenses reversible by deleting the joinery is deleted.  
-Sanitary spaces every day that can disinfect and clean-up of doors and tiles. In the case of specifying the grounds Maintenance contract-search paths, and so on, the external environment has accumulated in leaves, paper, bottle waste gathered cleaning sector.  
-Necessary especially in summer ilaçlanarak waste containers, prevents the formation of a fly in the environment.   

3-monthly cleaning services within the framework of certain periods    Monthly cleaning. Venetian blinds Cleaning: three is a service that needs to be done once a month. Cleaning of lighting materials: this service must be made every six months. Wall-: oil painting and satin painted walls can be made for these services, the appropriate oil solvent wipe the walls using with me. This service can absorb some of the walls while stains over time. Once a month stone floors are washed with machines and cleaning between joints.   

Public cleaning services:    Home Cleaning, cleaning of the Villa and Sites, banks, Factory Cleaning, Office Cleaning, school and Central School clearance, Is Fair and Festival Cleaning, Cafe and Restaurant Cleanliness, production area Cleaning, Cleaning services, hospitals and clinics. 

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