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The Procedure Of Didim Real Estate Sales Transactions

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  Land Registry Transactions Required Documents    For the vendor:       

1. 1 pictures   
2. Original of the certificate actually   
3. Tax no.   
4. Earthquake insurance
5. TC ID number

For the recipient:       
1. 2 photos   
2. Original of the certificate actually   
3. Tax no.   
4. TC ID number as prepared the offices   

Deed (together with the required information and documents) in the case of operations further must refer to a speedy conclusion. Applications to methods, document and process are as follows:      
• Land registry Directorates must fully send authorized yourself or legal trustee you are applying through. current legislation deed transactions    • identification as a birth certificate and passport, other than the use of the document is not possible, please present the original of any of these documents.      
• at least one of the parties of the process are illiterate with two witnesses, is deaf or does not know if Turkish two witnesses plus the sworn interpreter, together with your application. power of Attorney for use in land registry process    required of
• organized and photo ID are required. (photo not tutturulamaz with stapler and photocopying) now, if the land registry offices   
• read the papers. If you are getting cold feet about one fallen, documents; the officer or Director with tereddüdünüzün elimination subsequently sign it.

of course, Turkish trade law companies Process side
•, corporate headquarters are located in the trade registry office, in the process, have been received certificate of authority and signatory (principal or notarized) should apply. All operations in the transaction side of   
• TC ID number please present as a certified tax identification number. In the process of legal entities the company's tax number, authorized company representative please present ID number. ownership of Immovable goods    with age
• for a transferor, transferee in two 6 x 4 size photo of the last six months, the same process is done by proxy is the representative nature of that please present the photos.      
• Prompt you on behalf of the heirs of ownership of registered muri pull together into one of the heir to the registration of ownership, registration of ownership (joint ownership) straight line is all of the above documents with reference to the heir on the side of civil court was taken from the heir of hakimliğinden (succession) you must submit.    Murisiniz registered immovable properties on behalf of
• registration division among the heirs along with any third party for any age or immovable asset for recording the same, and if you are personal rights in a prompt, such as the facility, in addition to the above mentioned documents you muri's last residence was taken from the tax office that contains the inheritance and gift tax 4 specifies that there is no article actually submit.

  • Prompt, taşınmazınızın, which will make the building on the land as for floor irtifakı to establish; Providing company owners identification documents (population juz./pasaport), tax and TC ID numbers, two pictures, municipally Certified General construction project, independent section of floor, no, if you have plug-ins qualifications, the plot shows the share and malik notarized independent list of episodes (this can also be written to the list values) Please present management plans with.      
• immovable property if you want to turn your property of floor, primarily cadastral offices registered you will receive notification from there with a reference you make to the document in the current situation the parcel according to make of suit (occupancy), (J) in addition to the documents specified in the front and rear of the building shows the front side if possible at least 13 x 18 cm photos with all certified independent municipally part please present the occupancy of permission documents. The genus is the genus of your abode or    immovable while the establishment if the abode of qualified independent sections belong to the compulsory earthquake insurance policy (TCIP) submit. Papers and documents Required for sale       For the vendor: Copy of the deed or the

-1 's picture 
-Birth certificate 1 copy  
-Id Card Number
-Tax identification card (original and a copy)  
-Property Tax Receipts  
-Residence address and phone  
-The Cooperative Debt There Is No Paper  
-Follow-up procedures for power of Attorney Deed (real estate agent)    For the recipient:     
-2 image   -Population Wallet 1 copy  
-Id Card Number -Tax identification card (original and a copy)  
-Residence address and phone   -Follow-up procedures for power of Attorney Deed    Various Processes Details    the sale of real estate must be done to the official way. This means that the parties in front of the officer's title, means the official prepared to sign the contract.    officer examines the documents submitted, reported sales value via a legal objection mortars and arranges the necessary receipts. Mortars are arranged in selling after putting official deed, Deed is signed by reading in the presence of the Director. If either party does not know to read and write, read in the presence of two witnesses, fingerprints and witnesses ' testimony is taken.

the title deed to the above-mentioned cases employees cannot be a witness. Witnesses and interpreter needs to know the read-and-write, appeals must be of a minor. Land registry Manager gets the title to and rights holder after signing process is completed.

Promise of sale agreement?    the buyer and seller mutually determined by the parties of the dealer for a price of ownership of real estate sales that the recipient to buy and pay for the land register officer across parties about the pledge and commitment statements covering and notaries is contract sales contract. That future is to be the principal is on the front of the sale contract. ' Promise of sale agreement ' is authorized to regulate notaries. The promise is valid on preliminary sales contract for notaries promise to sell.

the title deed is essential for commentary. But the receiver based on the sales contract unilaterally if the principal does not want to make the sale. The seller also need to join this process, otherwise the buyer may seek through the courts on behalf of the registration.   

The title deed of personal rights can be claimed against a third party. Rights and obligations of the parties hesitate to openly challenge    sulked and the price specified in the contract and payment form of ownership. Pictures of bonding and of the parties to the contract    notary by sealing. In case of cancellation in the Penal clause the parties    would be placed    Sharh may continue for five years. Five years after passing the provision and resen suggestions. But the 5-year sales processed over immovable properties exceeded the amount of time the Valley commentary and not beneficiary is the sales promise to sell immovable property at the request of the beneficiary of the promise of sale of the beneficial owner gives consent without seeking. Collection of fees are waived on the immovable property with the opening forth ex officio. Cancellation notification to the beneficiary have to promise to sell şerhin. 

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